Bernardo Méndez Lugo

Retired Mexican Foreign Service Minister. He was attached in 4 consulates in the US, Atlanta (1996-2001), San Fco 2001-2006) Tucson (2006-2009) and Chicago (2013-2016) one in Montreal Canada (1992-93) and at Embassy of Mexico San Salvador (2009-2012).


Since March 2017 he is executive director of the promigrante foundation Americasinmuros AC based in CDMx and maintains a network of volunteers in more than a hundred cities in about twenty countries, but mainly in the US, Mexico and Central America. Very active with Catholic, Jesuit, Scalabrinian and other religious organizations. Americasinmuros has an active partnership with Binational Institute of Human Development in Chicago.


He is board member for international affairs of two non-profit organizations: in Oakland California and with John Dewey OnLine Institute in Puebla.


Partner or collaborator of several organizations such as Parlamento Centroamericano in Guatemala, Centro Olof Palme in Mexico City and Centro de Estudios de Posgrado in Mexico City (


Since September 1, 2021, he is Secretary of the Mexican Foreign Service Association, a civil association that represents more than a thousand Mexican career diplomats and defends their interests before the government and diverse social actors in Mexico and the world (Honorary task).


I maintain direct links with most of the staff of embassies and consulates of Mexico in the world and in the 53 Consulates in the US, especially the 10 in California, the 5 in Arizona, 10 in Texas and most of our consular network in Canada.


Knowledgeable of trinational border issues (Mex-USA) and (US-Canada) with a municipal focus on security, drug trafficking, migration, environment, education and employment issues.


Consultant in international migration and labor reinsertion post Covid 19. Expert in academic, economic and foreign trade relations in North and Central America.


He is a promoter of indigenous rights, their right to territory, habitat and natural resources in the face of megaprojects.