Alison Hamilton

Alison has worked with the Institute for Human Development (BIHD) since its inception in 2010 and has moved through various roles. She serves as a client liaison and point of contact before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Office of Administrative Appeals. She has completed ICIRR’s immigration training course.


Alison earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Northern Illinois University. She subsequently worked as a communications professional for several Public Relations and Communications agencies in Chicago.


Alison believes strongly in the proper and efficient social integration of immigrant communities, to achieve the strengthening of values, through the creation of opportunities and the promotion and strengthening of relationships with institutions that allow all people to participate in social, economic and political life on the basis of equal rights and opportunities, equity and dignity.


Alison was one of the founders of the Binational Institute for Human Development.